Medical Prague is a medical tourism facilitator in the Czech Republic, Prague. Medical tourism allows you to combine great health care programs with the best personal service and, if you wish, divertive activities. We connect with hospitals and medical specialists with a strong reputation for excellence, to provide international patients with the best possible care.

Our corporation can be proud of many years experience in medical tourism. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your medical care and your stay in Prague. We arrange your complete medical treatment and includes also pre-departure consultation and on-site service.

Our service includes pre-departure consultation and on-site assistance. Our aim is to offer clear, easily understandable information about the services we provide for transparent pricing in order to give our clients a fair offer for consideration.

Our foreign clients can benefit from:

  • Carefully selected professionals cooperating with Medical Prague.
  • A perfect geographical location, which makes health tourism very time efficient.
  • A very unique locality of Prague giving you the opportunity to connect your treatment with holidays that are convenient for you.